Innovation Coach and Facilitator

Helping you design success!


Innovation Coach and Facilitator

Helping you design success!

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What i Offer

Have you ever struggled with the right words when asked to introduce yourself?  

That's where I come in.  After you work with me, you are going to end up with 4 words that will help you define:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What your distinct value is 


I also facilitate teams who need help to:

· Discover communication styles and how-to best work with teammates

· Imagine and create new ideas with focused vision

· Demystify the "good-idea" factory - when your team has a lot of great ideas, help them intensely focus on the few and execute

My approach

I use The Fascination Advantage System (FAS); a combination of branding and innovative strategies that will help you discover who you are at your best.  As a Certified Fascinate Advisor, I offer a variety tools and creative techniques to inform, encouraged, and empower you for your journey to living your abundant life.

It's not about changing who you are, it's about becoming more of who you are!  

What makes me different?

I am the creative energy consultant ready to facilitate people with the process of discovering the potential they have within and realize their contribution to the team is valuable.   I bring passion and innovation to everyday life - assured that there is always something to learn from every situation.  As a catalyst, my distinct value is the ability to share my optimistic view of imagine...what would it look like.  I believe a growth mindset is the secret to inspiring hope in the world!

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innovative Individual


Output:  Your Tagline & Introduction

Includes Fascination Advantage System 16-page report & Personal Branding Session.

(2 separate 1-hour sessions)

USD $260.00

High-performing Team


Includes Fascination Advantage System 16-page report for each individual and custom designed team coaching to meet specific needs.

Starts from USD $300.00 per person

(2-6 people)

speaking engagements

If you are looking to inspire your participants at your event, I can help deliver creative energy.

If you are looking to inspire your participants, I can help deliver your collaborative message with creative energy!

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