Humans were born to relate, create, innovate.   


Humans were born to relate, create, innovate.   



Our vision is to be the catalyst that inspires people to relate, create, innovate.

Our mission

Our mission, support a culture of engagement in the home, community, workplace.

Our Why

We believe humans were born to relate, create, innovate.   We noticed that's not happening much in our families, communities, workplace.  That is why we are here to help.

Who we help

Are you in a position of authority and get the feeling that your employees listen to you and do what you ask because they HAVE TO?  And it's not your imagination, because the results are just so-so.  That's where we come in.  

Have you noticed what's happening with our culture of engagement?  Are you finding it more difficult to capture your audience's attention let alone sustain it for more than 20 seconds?  That's where we come in.

Have you ever struggled with the right words when asked to introduce yourself?  

That's where we come in.

We start with each individual, providing them the words that best describes:

  • Who they are
  • What they do best
  • Their distinct value - how they best contribute 

We help organizations aim for solution-focused outcomes that builds a culture of employee engagement.  Our success is defined by measuring the level of confidence, commitment, and how motivated individuals are to create and innovate for the benefit of all.

why we are different

Our approach is dynamic and modeled from innovative coaching techniques.  We deliver high quality interpersonal skills content using experienced instructors that genuinely care to inspire others and value life-long learning.  We design each workshop and organizational event according to the needs of our clients and consistently incorporates feedback loops to ensure learning and application are aligned with intended outcomes.   

How we deliver value


innovative Individual

innovative Individual

innovative Individual

Output:  Your Tagline & Introduction

Includes Personal Communication 16-page Assessment Report & Personal Branding Session.

(2 separate 1-hour sessions)

USD $150.00


High-performing Team

innovative Individual

innovative Individual

Includes Personal Communication 16-page Assessment Report for each individual and custom designed team coaching to meet specific needs.

Inquire for group rates.

(2-6 people)

If you are looking to inspire your participants at your event, I can help deliver creative energy.

Facilitation & speaking engagements

Facilitation & speaking engagements

Facilitation & speaking engagements

If you are looking to inspire your participants, we can help deliver your collaborative message with creative energy!

If you are struggling to execute productive meetings, we can help set you and your team up for successful outcomes!

We facilitate teams of people from large brainstorming sessions to laser focused action planning.  We move things forward to get your objectives accomplished.

Our team of seasoned facilitators and speakers are ready to support you as you build a Culture of Engagement in your workplace.

Inquire for more information.


Workshops & Engagement Events

Facilitation & speaking engagements

Facilitation & speaking engagements

This is where we kick it up a notch.  Our workshops are packed with content that give attendees an edge in the workplace.  This is where we share the real deal with learning your personal communication style and how to navigate and leverage your influence with others, ultimately building your productive team.  Once you complete a workshop, you become a member that will be part of our larger community invited to Inspired Engagement Events.  Talk about building a Culture of Engagement!  Let's Do This! 

Upcoming Workshop Details

Stand Out...Get the Job, Client, Gig

Join us for a time to reinvest in yourself and rediscover your true potential during this interactive webinar, "Stand Out..Get the Job, Client, Gig" on May 27, 2020, 12pm-1:00pm HST.  

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You don't want to miss this awesome opportunity to invest in yourself and connect with others. Looking forward to seeing you then!   Introductory session.


Privacy Policy

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